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The rapid shifts in technology have dramatically changed the way people interact and engage with brands. As media, distribution and creativity are being disrupted, the distinction between online and in-store sales has been blurred.

55 is a new breed of data company that helps brands leverage data and technology, to engage people better, faster and cheaper. We are a proud member of You & Mr Jones, the world’s first BRANDTECH* group, since January 2016.


We believe data is an asset that you should have full ownership of, and that it should be distributed across your organization and put into action in a transparent and actionable way.

  • We help you make sense of every dollar invested with actual measurement, not estimates

  • We provide no black box models and help you unravel the mysteries of attribution, programmatic or third-party data with greater transparency on your customer’s behaviors

  • We are tech-agnostic and are not compensated through technology or inventory rebates


We believe that you should understand, decide and control how your data is used to deliver personalized brand experiences.

  • We help you take ownership of data and technology through a direct relationship with tech providers and the unbundling of services

  • We set up and run your DMP for you, or the best brandtech stack based on your needs

  • We help you internalize brandtech capabilities, keep abreast of innovations, and remain ahead of your competition


We believe that brands’ ability to innovate is the condition for them to excel in today’s multi-channel, connected world. And we believe innovation relies on three bedrocks: data, technology and creativity.

  • We leverage our close relationships with the leading technology companies to design and build inventive programs for you to drive more people to your sales points

  • We combine data-drivenness with creativity to fuel a new form of storytelling

  • We adopt a “start small / scale fast” approach to assist you in successfully launching innovative projects

*BRANDTECH: the art of combining marketing and branding with the power of technology, to help marketers build brands better, faster and cheaper.

Our services

From creating to sharing content, to targeting and measuring, technology is changing the world of communication. As automation, programmatic and artificial intelligence make their way into marketing, the need for expertisetransparency and empowerment has never been so critical.
Learn here what we can do for you.


Design the right approach to data-driven marketing

Media Consulting

Increase programmatic budgets across online and offline channels

Data Architecture

Build a lasting tech framework for agile marketing

Customer Experience

Create a seamless shopping experience

Design the right approach to data-driven marketing

Strategy & Data

We define priority use cases for your business* by leveraging data, to create synergies between digital and physical touchpoints. We help you design tomorrow’s customer journeys.

Action plan & Organization

We design the right tools to respond to the multichannel customer behaviors. E.g., decide whether to internalize specific competencies, define detailed roadmaps to win buy-in from teams.

55 Data Academy

We empower your teams with first-class training from data experts. We help you increase accountability and efficiency by establishing a widespread data-driven culture.


*We work with clients from all verticals, but have a particularly deep experience within the following verticals:
Automotive • Luxury • CPG • Retail • Telco • Financial Services

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Media Consulting
Increase programmatic budgets across online and offline channels

Audience analytics & programmatic planning

We use data science to improve your targeting strategy with insights that translate into actionable segments; we design data programs with the right third-party data providers for even better results.

Media transparency & attribution modeling

We evaluate the performance of your media mix and improve your ROI. We measure each of your channel’s contribution to get a clear view of customer journeys with the right attribution model.

Digital Impact Measurement

We measure the impact of digital on actual sales. We determine how much of your sales, both online and in-store, is influenced by paid, earned or owned media online.

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Data Architecture
Build a lasting tech framework for agile marketing

DMP & AdTech design

We pick up the reins of your DMP and/or AdTech stack to make precision targeting decisions. We bring marketing scenarios to life by turning data into actions and sending the right data to the right platforms.

Ongoing segmentation & budget allocation

We monitor campaign performance to update and build new targeted customer segments, and adjust investments for increased marketing efficiency. We help you improve communication to influence people’s behaviors continuously.

Operational & C-suite reporting

We build powerful reporting interfaces to share insights across your organization. We increase accountability with a common view of performance based on reliable, understandable data.

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Customer Experience
Create a seamless shopping experience

E-commerce efficiency

We grow online revenue with data-driven merchandising and personalization. We predict the level of sales to expect from online channels and where to start if you’re still considering whether to jump in.

Online-to-Offline acceleration

We leverage geolocation, bots and other innovations to drive traffic in store. We help you build a seamless brand experience to increase sales and improve customer loyalty.

In-store analytics & conversational commerce

We push analytics beyond digital to understand drive-to-store and in-store behavior. We leverage beacons, messaging and IoT opportunities to improve shopping experience and increase sales.

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About Us


55 is a Certified Marketing and Sales Partner for DoubleClick – one of the world’s most advanced platforms for the buying, management and measurement of digital advertising.

We specialize in data services, which means that we complement our clients’ media and creative agencies and help power them to more efficient and targeted campaigns thanks to data. Click below to discover our references and learn more.


Google - DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner Badge - Horizontal White

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Google Analytics 360+

55 is a Google Analytics 360 Sales Partner, in addition to being a Certified Google Partner for DoubleClick, Google Cloud Platform and the Google Premier program.

Google Analytics 360 is the fully integrated toolset that enables the complete management of advertising and marketing performance. At 55, we believe that building and deploying the ideal strategy requires an objective partner. Discover our services and our references.


Google - Analytics 360_Certified_Partner_Badges_SERVICES+SALES_RGB

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As Facebook relaunched its Measurement Solutions focusing on people-based measurement, we were among the first to test what has become a benchmark for cross-device and cross-channel attribution.

Measure the impact of mobile and digital on in-store sales, switch from cookie- to people-based marketing. Our teams can help you from tracking campaigns with Facebook Measurement Solutions to leveraging Facebook Custom Audience’s targeting, or boosting engagement with Messenger. Read our case study.



Read the Lacoste case study

Download the case study

Oracle Marketing Cloud+

As Adtech and Martech converge, Oracle Marketing Cloud’s analytics, marketing automation and 3rd party data integration capabilities prove to be among the most powerful on the market.

From assessing technical needs to implementing Bluekai’s DMP or Maxymiser’s testing solution, we can help you set up and operate Oracle Marketing Cloud, and make the most of Oracle’s Audience Data marketplace to enrich your data.

Adobe Marketing Cloud+

We watched the rapid development of Adobe Marketing Cloud into one of the most comprehensive, robust stacks on the market, and are proud to be among their trusted partners.

If you’re looking to make the most of 1st party data, we can help you leverage Adobe’s suite of seamlessly integrated marketing solutions. Use Analytics, Target and Audience Manager to launch efficient, personalized campaigns. From appraising your needs to operating your DMP, we can guide you towards full ownership of your data.



If you’re looking for a complete vision of users across devices and a user-friendly interface to create powerful segmentations and gain rich insights, let us help you get started with Krux.

Salesforce’s DMP bridges the gap between Adtech and Martech. Advanced data collection capabilities in a powerful interface providing detailed insights. Efficient combination of first, second and third party data. We can help you walk the path to Krux’s people data activation.


In-house tech: we make it happen

We partner with the best tech vendors to help you navigate the Adtech and Martech landscape. Because we believe that technology should free your mind and time instead of giving you headaches, we’ve developed of productivity tools, based on our experience working with global brands with complex ecosystems to speed up and streamline the set-up of technology.

Tracks is our automated tagging interface that significantly cuts the average duration of project tracking set-up by 3. In addition to robust KPIs, it lets you create segments on-the-fly.

Tagscan is our automated tagging quality control solution. Our scanning bot reduces the number of tracking errors to nearly zero, with no human resource required.

Raw Data gathers data at the most granular level to make your fanciest goals of real-time personalization marketing and CRM scenarios possible.
Macro Report collates data from any source and automates the creation of customized reports that can then serve for specific analyses, or to build our reporting interfaces for both C-level executives and operational teams.


55 works with international clients from all verticals, but has a particularly deep experience within Automotive, CPG, Luxury, Financial Services and Retail. Here are some of our clients.


  • Gautier is an EDHEC graduate. He first started at Ernst&Young. Then his faith into web analytics led him to join fifty-five’s consulting team.

    Gautier Consulting Manager
  • Loris Media Trading Specialist
  • Graduating with a degree in Brand Strategy, Morgan worked for ad and web agencies. He developed his passion for digital media from his experiences in Montreal and Shanghai before joining 55.

    Morgan E&I Media Specialist
  • After graduating from EDHEC and the London School of Economics, Samy worked as a Consultant at Deloitte. This basketball fan then joined 55 to bring his A-game to the data analysts’ roster.

    Samy Data Project Lead
  • Dorian UX Designer
  • Madeleine Senior Data Analyst
  • After 6 years spent at AT Internet, Marjorie joined fifty-five to improve her Web Analytics skills. A great horse rider, she will get your technical teams galloping.

    Marjorie Product Manager
  • Mats has over 20 years experience in the Internet industry. After graduating from HEC Paris, he started out in marketing at L’Oréal. He was Google’s Managing Director for Southern Europe from 2004 to 2010.

    Mats President
  • Graduating from Telecom Bretagne, Charlotte spent over 8 years in a consulting firm specialised in Telecom, Media & Internet. She joined fifty-five in 2014 to lead the Business Operations team.

    Charlotte Head of Business Operations
  • Renaud Analytics Lead
  • From 5 years working as a consultant, this bearded man has kept a sense of commitment, and a love for cufflinks. Paul fell in love with Digital Analytics just as he fell for board games in his childhood.

    Paul Senior Factory Manager
  • Tze Consulting Manager
  • Armand Digital Analytics Consultant
  • Eric Tracking & Analytics Manager
  • Gaëtan Data Analyst
  • Thomas Media trading Specialist
  • Tim Senior E&I Specialist
  • Thomas Data Scientist
  • After a few years working as front-end developer, Guillaume joined the world of data to share his expertise with us and take up new challenges.

    Guillaume Analytics Lead
  • Kristina Senior Data Analyst
  • François Product Manager, Mobile & Messaging
  • Quentin Senior Data Analyst
  • Charles Data Analyst
  • Laurine Data Analyst
  • Sébastien Pratice Leader
  • After graduating from ESCP Europe, with majors in innovation and rowing, Alice first joined an advertising agency… and quickly landed at fifty-five, with the firm belief that it’s all about data.

    Alice Data Project Lead
  • Ibrahim R&D Engineer
  • Sébastien Tracking Specialist
  • After several years working in the telecommunications sector, Sigbjørn joined fifty-five’s R&D team to develop our real-time solutions, as well as to reinforce the bike team.

    Sigbjørn Head of Engineering
  • Orkatz Technical Project Lead
  • Asha E&I Media Specialist
  • Alix Data Analyst
  • With degrees from ENSAM and Edinburgh University, this keen swimmer dived into his entrepreneurial adventures by founding Trustfer, before turning his attention to the vast digital oceans at fifty-five.

    Issam Consulting Manager
  • Florian Consulting Manager
  • Wadii R&D Engineer
  • Carolyn Senior Data Analyst
  • Charles Senior Data Analyst
  • Kevin Analytics Lead
  • Elsa developed her passion for digital after several years working in webmarketing. She managed to combine passion and work by joining 55. She holds a degree in foreign languages and an MBA in E-business.

    Elsa Senior Media Trading Specialist
  • Margaux Senior Media Trading Specialist
  • Etienne Media Analytics Expert
  • Adrien Senior Data Analyst
  • Maxence Senior Tag Specialist
  • Arthur Data Analyst
  • Working at ADIT on business modelling missions, this HEC Paris & Telecom ParisTech alumnus gained an acute knowledge of e-retail, which he puts to good use as Data Quality Lead at 55.

    Réda Product Manager
  • Augustin Data Analyst
  • Charlie Data Analyst
  • As a HEC graduate with a passion for cinema, Claire spent a year working in the Media & Entertainment industry, before specialising in managing new technologies.

    Claire Business Operations Lead
  • Romain Cost Control - Sales Assistant
  • After graduating from EDHEC, with stints in Sao Paulo, DC, and SF, Cédric settled down in Hong Kong in 2010. Creator of the local chapter of the Founder Institute, Cedric leads 55’s journey in Asia. Zai Tien!

    Cédric Head of Hong-Kong Office
  • An HEC graduate, he cut his teeth at Arthur Andersen before working for AREVA and discovering Silicon Valley. Wanting to live the startup life in the heart of Paris, he joined the fifty-five adventure!

    Fabrice CFO
  • Leo Senior Data Analyst
  • Mehdi R&D Engineer
  • Aurélien Tech Wizard
  • From Autonomy to Verity, EDF to Google, Jeff’s faith into the most exciting web technologies has never faltered. Today he leads our stellar cast of engineers in search for data of the purest quality.

    Jean-François CTO
  • Thibault Consulting Manager
  • Rob Practice Leader
  • Baosheng Managing Director China
  • Kayi Senior Data Analyst
  • Naomi Data Analyst
  • Jérôme Head of Strategy Consulting
  • Richard Managing Director UK
  • Bérénice Data Analyst
  • After 10 years in French equity sales at Deutsche Bank, Mathilde decided to downsize to smaller companies: Titouan Lamazou, Wincomparator, then finally she joined fifty-five as our super-hero.

    Mathilde Head of HR
  • A graduate from INTEC PARIS, Stéphanie has worked as an accountant for more than ten years in different industries, before jumping onboard the Big Data ship. She joined the 55 team in 2015 to keep track of our figures.

    Stéphanie Accounting Manager
  • Jessica Data Analyst
  • Matthieu Senior Data Analyst
  • Gildas Data Analyst
  • Lauren Senior Data Analyst
  • Ginette is from Venezuela, but Spanish is not her only language. This polyglot holds an M.A. in Languages & European Management and lived in the U.S. & Germany before settling down with us at 55.

    Ginette Media Trading Expzer
  • Pei worked 5 years at Keyade as SEM & Training Manager before joining fifty-five. She holds a degree in French literature from Sun Yat-sen University (Guangzhou) and a Masters in Economics.

    Pei Head of Media Consulting
  • Lucas Analytics Lead
  • Andréa Senior Marketing Specialist
  • This Scottish academic holds 2 M.A.s and co-wrote the first French user guide to Google Analytics. After leaving Google and a short stop at Keyade, he co-founded fifty-five.

    Alan Co-founder, Chief Data Evangelist
  • After graduating from Assas Law University and Audencia Business School, our former slam poet Victor chose data as his new field of expression.

    Victor Senior Data Analyst
  • If you are passionate about the internet revolution, digital marketing and big data, if you are creative yet methodic, always eager to learn and build, take a look at our job openings!

    Sergei Have you got talent? Join fifty-five
  • Passionate about digital and measurement challenges, Mike spent over 10 years in media agencies leading the Data & Analytics departments. Looking for the next data challenge, he joined our media expert team.

    Mike Head of Media E&I, France
  • Bruna Consulting Manager
  • Geoffrey Analytics Lead
  • Matthieu joined 55 following a meandering route: BSc in Sports studies, MA in Communication/HR, event planning… Today this inveterate tennisman has one goal: make 55ers happy!

    Matthieu Senior HR Specialist
  • After 5 years’ experience at L’Oréal and LVMH, this former visual merchandising expert has found new challenges switching from physical to digital retail, and expanding from Asia to global markets.

    Xiaoyan Consulting Manager
  • Samboy Practice Leader
  • Charles-Eric Consulting Manager
  • Soon to graduate from ENS Cachan in Applied Mathematics, Romain joined fifty-five to build predictive models, eat bananas, and play foosball.

    Romain Data Scientist Manager
  • Can Senior E&I Analytics Manager
  • Salwa Data Analyst
  • Mila Marketing Specialist
  • Martin Digital Analytics Consultant
  • Charlotte Data Analyst
  • After working in Marketing and Management Consulting, this Franco-British citizen graduated from the University of Bath and ESCP Europe joined 55 to learn the language of data.

    Nina Senior Data Analyst
  • Alexandre R&D Engineer
  • Nicolas Practice Leader
  • Tiyab is a frontend and backend developer from West Africa. He loves thinking out of the the box to innovate and build things from scratch, to solve all kinds of problems and create amazing stuff with technologies.

    Tiyab Senior R&D Engineer
  • Virgile Tracking & Analytics Manager
  • Cédric Data Analyst
  • Jean-Baptiste is an ESCP Europe graduate, with marketing experience working at Ubisoft and Canal+. In search for new horizons, this young Breton headed towards data and landed fortunately at fifty-five.

    Jean-Baptiste Senior Data Analyst
  • Audrey Tracking Specialist
  • Kevin Analytics Lead
  • Vincent Consulting Manager
  • Félix Data Analyst
  • Freshly graduated from HEC Paris and Ecole Polytechnique, Christophe founded a crowdfunding platform, before joining 55 to pursue his passion for data.

    Christophe Senior Data Analyst
  • Denise Data Project Lead
  • Laurent spent many years at Keyade before becoming Director of Search at KR Media. This kung-fu fighter and accomplished yogi joined fifty-five in 2011 to develop the Media offer.

    Laurent E&I Media Manager
  • After graduating with a B.A. in Communication and HR in Morocco, Marwa set out to conquer the Eiffel Tower with an M.A. from INSEEC. Freshly graduated, she joined the fifty-five family in 2014.

    Marwa Senior Data Analyst
  • Olivier Consulting Manager
  • Nicolas Senior Data Analyst
  • Julien R&D Engineer
  • Elise Data Analyst
  • Naruhiko Senior Data Analyst
  • Jennifer Data & Activation Specialist
  • Alix Data Analyst
  • Marouène Analytics Lead
  • Guillaume Data Analyst
  • Clémence Senior Data Analyst
  • Jean-Bastien Analytics Lead
  • Liosa Business Operations Analyst
  • After graduating from the Beijing University of Technology, Meng completed his education at EFREI in Paris. He’s been part of the Product team since 2010.

    Meng Technical Project Lead
  • Morgane Data Analyst
  • Tristan Senior Data Analyst
  • Hortense Business Operations Specialist
  • Arthur Data Analyst
  • Ludovic Senior Data Analyst
  • Vanessa Data Project Lead
  • Ilan Analytics Lead
  • Arthur Senior Data Analyst
  • Guillaume Data Quality Lead
  • Claire Senior Data Analyst
  • Yassine Data Analyst
  • Arnaud worked at Havas & Monster before joining Google as Director of Strategy & Operations for Southern Europe from 2005 to 2010. fifty-five is the #3 start-up he founded.

    Arnaud Co-founder, Managing Partner
  • Hugo Data Analyst
  • Charlotte Senior Data Analyst
  • Jérémie Senior E&I Specialist, Analytics
  • During his 10+ years experience, Pierre held leadership positions in marketing, sales, and strategy at companies such as Microsoft and Canal+. He is a Polytechnique and Telecom Paris graduate.

    Pierre Managing Director, France
  • Guilhem Media Trading Specialist
  • Paul Data Analyst
  • Aoyang Data Analyst
  • Agathe Data Analyst
  • Claire Data Analyst
  • Léa Marketing Specialist
  • Grégoire Data Project Lead
  • Anthony Consulting Manager
  • Julien is passionate about the web ecosystem; he joined 55 after working at Fnac. A fond traveler at heart, he will take special care of your international campaigns.

    Julien Media Trading Expert
  • This EDHEC graduate started working in financial markets before venturing into a Rocket Internet startup. Being a foodie, he joined 55 to cook your data with love and spice up your business.

    François Senior Data Analyst
  • Cyrille R&D Engineer
  • Jonathon Data Project Lead
  • Alain Data Analyst
  • Charles graduated from HEC Paris and Sciences Po, and first tried his hand at Finance and Law. After an experience at Rocket Internet in Asia, he decided to get serious about data and joined 55.

    Charles Data Project Lead
  • Hugo graduated from EM Lyon and joined Google’s Sales then Operations teams. We’re not sure where he’s the most qualified: digital media, wrestling, or quaint forgotten music hits?

    Hugo Managing Director | US Office
  • Jiaqi Data Analyst
  • Paul Data Analyst
  • Graduating from INSAT Tunis, Mohamed Ali joined 55 after demonstrating his skills during an internship. Despite his passion for soccer, he didn’t make it past the 1/4 finals of our foosball world cup.

    Mohamed Ali Senior R&D Engineer
  • Zhibo, a computer science graduate from JILIN university, came to France to study multimedia at UFC. Now he’s a Senior Tag Specialist at 55 where he always finds someone to play basketball and DOTA.

    Zhibo Analytics Lead
  • After working in marketing at LVMH, this HEC Paris graduate became obsessed with things digital, data and optimisation. An indefatigable world traveller, Elodie finally settled down in Paris and joined 55 adventure as a consultant.

    Elodie Data Project Lead
  • After graduating from ENSAM and ESSEC, Benoît spent over two years in Asia in strategy consulting and finance before coming back home to join our consulting team.

    Benoît Consulting Manager
  • After 8 years as marketing & BI manager at Delamaison, a French Home & Garden pure player, Ludovic joined fifty-five for a deep dive into his favorite subjects: e-commerce & big data.

    Ludovic Head of E&I Analytics
  • Nina Data Analyst
  • Aymeric Senior Data Analyst
  • Ivan Senior Data Analyst
  • Lycos, Infonie, Egg then Google, where he was Head of Strategic Partnerships for Southern Europe: the Internet has no secrets for Jean.

    Jean Managing Director, Sales Development & Partnerships
  • Louis Tracking Specialist
  • Paul Data Analyst
  • After completing a Master’s degree in digital marketing, Zineb decided quite naturally to enter the digital world.
    This fitness practitioner joined the Trading Desk team with high levels of energy and motivation.

    Zineb Senior Media Trading Specialist
  • Audrey Data Analyst
  • Zoe E&I Analytics Manager
  • &

55 was founded in 2010 by the former senior management team members of Google Europe. We have grown rapidly from a startup into a 150-employee business with a presence in Paris, London, Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong and Geneva – helping brands leverage data and technology to drive better, faster, cheaper marketing.

Why 55? Because in the physical world, 55% of people entering a store leave having purchased something – that’s far more than visitors on e-commerce platforms. Yet digital is not competing with, but rather completing – and even augmenting – the traditional shopping experience. Our brand is a reminder of the gap that used to lie between both worlds, and of the synergies awaiting those who embrace the brandtech revolution.

We are a proud member of You & Mr Jones, the world’s first brandtech group, since 2016.
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55 is growing fast, come and join us! If you’re passionate about data and the brandtech revolution and want to be part of it, have a look at our openings below and get in touch. We’re always looking for new talent!

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